Bud Petal blogs here, and is also on facebook, twitter, vimeo, and instagram.

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Bud Petal's music has been described as "cerebral art-folk", "the music Lord Byron would be making had he lived in the 21st century and taught himself how to play the guitar", "what you get if you mix love, politics, and surrealism", and "the feeling one gets when drowning within a sea of smiles".

Bud is a folk musician who grew up in the Levant, and is heavily influenced by the music, vocal techniques and song structures that are unique to the region. Since moving to Australia in his teens, Bud has fused his love for Middle Eastern music with the folk and pop music he was exposed to in Australia and Europe, thus creating the unique blend of sounds, stories and art that is the music of the band Bud Petal.

FABRIC CORDIAL is Bud Petal’s third album, due out in November. The making of FABRIC CORDIAL was a two year adventure. Written in small German towns, cities of the Levant, and the inner west of Sydney, it sees Bud Petal create a unique blend of sounds and stories that range from Hamburg love songs, to parental longings for the Kibbutz, to the joy of returning home to Sydney.

2015 saw the Bud Petal band go on a national tour to launch the album. Now, in 2016, the band are working hard on their new live sound and new material.

FABRIC CORDIAL is released through Hospital Hill.


FABRIC CORDIAL was recorded and released with Hospital Hill, who are a boutique production house and record label that are known for working with an eclectic but selective group of Australian and international artists. They have produced work for classical ensembles (Sydney Symphony Orchestra, Australian Chamber Orchestra), bands/solo artists (Ollie McGill/Cat Empire, Belles Will Ring, Collarbones, Chris Bailey/The Saints), and festivals (Aurora, Vivid, Sydney Bienalle). Their label releases include Merzbow, Oren Ambarchi, Daniel Blinkhorn, Zubin Kanga, Andrew Batt-Rawden, Alex Pozniak and more.

The previous two Bud Petal albums were recorded with producer Tony Dupé (Holly Throsby, Grand Salvo, Jack Ladder, et. al.). The first album (TURTLEDOVES & OATSTRAWS) was released in 2009. A single from the album was "single of the week" in Brisbane's Time Off magazine. And the album itself was voted “Best album for 2009” by Sydney’s FBi radio’s The Naked City. When Bud Petal’s second album (WITHIN A SHADY THICKET) was released two years later, the band was voted "Artist of the Year" (#5), "Best Australian Performance" (#4), and "Song of the Year" (#5) at Drum Media's Writers' Poll.

As well as receiving airplay in radio stations all over Australia, in Berlin, in Paris, and in the United States, Bud Petal has curated and featured in shows at the Sydney and Melbourne Fringe Festivals. Such shows involved visual artists creating live art in parallel with the live music. The visual art element in Bud Petal’s music and live shows is very prominent: there are stop-motion video clips for many Bud Petal songs, and there are often projected visuals or live art done at live shows.

Bud Petal has collaborated with many musicians and visual artists over the past decade and takes pride in being a part of the thriving Sydney music and art scene.